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Billy Hamilton showed off his speed with a theft-heavy tour of the bases

When Statcast released its foot speed leaderboard earlier this week, it was no surprise that Reds center fielder Billy Hamilton topped the list. During the 8th inning of Wednesday night's 4-3 win over the Brewers, Hamilton showed that the numbers reflect reality.
After leading off the inning with a walk -- that certainly doesn't sound fast -- Hamilton got to work. He stole second base during the next at-bat. After an intentional walk of Joey Votto held him at second for one batter, Hamilton swiped third when Adam Duvall came to the plate next.

Duvall rewarded Hamilton for all his hard work -- and his blazing speed -- by knocking him in with a single later in his trip to the plate.
With Usain Bolt retiring from track and field in the near future, the title of fastest man in the world is up for the taking. Perhaps Hamilton is a contender.