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Billy Hamilton got tagged out by left fielder Mallex Smith in a wild 6-5-2-4-5-7 rundown

The Rays beat the Reds, 8-3, on Wednesday. That's impressive.
But what was more impressive was that they trapped Billy Hamilton in a rundown between third and home and actually tagged him out. That's like beating The Freeze in a footrace. That's like slapping the glove on Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez during a pickle!

Well, guess what, Yeah-Yeah, it happened. It took five throws until Mallex Smith -- yes -- Mallex Smith the left fielder finally tagged him out. Watch Mallex, like an angel from the outfield, save the day below:

That's a 6-5-2-4-5-7 putout if you're scoring from home and, as Smith told's Mark Sheldon, he knew his speedy services were needed right from the start.
"I told everybody to get out the way," Smith said.
Hamilton knew the end was coming when the left fielder joined in on the fun.
"They brought one of their fast guys in," Hamilton said.
The only way to defeat speed is, um, with more speed.