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The outfield wall learned not to get in Billy McKinney's way when he's chasing a fly ball

Billy McKinney taught the outfield wall at Guaranteed Rate Field an important lesson during Thursday's Blue Jays-White Sox game in Chicago.

Playing left field, McKinney ranged back on a hard-hit liner off the bat of Yolmer Sánchez and eventually tracked it down. His momentum carried him right into the fence in left field, but he quickly recovered and threw the ball back to the infield.

If that's not maximum effort and maximum determination, I don't know what is. Running face-first into the wall chasing a fly ball can't feel great, nor is it something an outfielder wants to do ... but you gotta do what you gotta do to make the play, as they say. Aaron Rowand knows what I'm talking about.

Maybe next time, the wall won't try to stop McKinney, because we all know that won't work.

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