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Some magical pixie dust propelled Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to his two-homer game

It was supposed to be so easy. Here came Vladimir Guerrero Jr., of House Guerrero, who had blasted so many home runs in the Minors that they were running low on baseballs (That's not actually true). He had put up numbers that seemed to indicate that he broke the very sport that had existed for 150 years.

But despite a clutch double in his big league debut, Vladito struggled -- like many rookies do. Through 13 games, he had zero home runs. Though there wasn't panic, there was a quiet discomfort deep in the soul. After all, maybe Drake really had cursed the Home Run King To Be.

Fortunately, there was a solution: Fairy dust. Before Tuesday's game against the Giants, reliever Ken Giles sprinkled some of the pixie confetti upon Guerrero.

That seemed to do the trick -- and it didn't even take much time to kick in. Guerrero went deep for the first time in his big league career in the first inning. He followed that up with a three-run shot in the sixth. The counter-curse worked, and now? Now big league pitchers better pitch very, very carefully when Vladito steps in the box.

(h/t @BlueJayHunter)

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