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Vlad Jr.'s historic debut is now the best-selling Topps Now card ever

Multiple factors combined to make Vladimir Guerrero Jr.'s Major League debut one of the most hyped baseball events in recent memory. Guerrero was the top prospect in baseball who had spent 2018 destroying his competition in the Minors. His dad is also a Hall of Famer with an impressive highlight reel of his own. It all came together for an unforgettable scene on Friday night.

But that was all a feeling. It felt like people were excited to see the game's top prospect. It felt like Rogers Centre was turned up a couple decibels. Now we have the hard numbers to back up those feelings: The Topps Now card commemorating Vlad Jr.'s debut is officially the best-selling Topps Now card of all time.

Aaron Judge had a historic rookie season for perhaps the most iconic franchise in the sport. Shohei Ohtani took the United States by storm as the first true two-way player in recent memory. Guerrero's debut blew those two out of the water.

Based on his prospect status and his success in the Minors, this probably won't be the last encounter with history of Guerrero's MLB career.