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Did Taylor Swift just predict when baseball's No. 1 prospect would be called up to the big leagues?

I know you already think I'm an idiot after reading the headline, but hear me out: Taylor Swift has been involved in weird baseball things before.

Andrew McCutchen once changed his walkup song to "Bad Blood" and somehow, two months later, he was elected to the NL All-Star team. And then, just four seasons ago, she (probably, almost definitely) cursed three different teams after performing in their stadiums.

So yeah, when word came out that Taylor was hinting at some major thing happening this Friday, April 26:

It was no surprise that, HELLO PEOPLE, Vlad Guerrero Jr. -- baseball's No. 1 prospect -- was what she was talking about.

Vlad is one of the most talked-about prospects of all-time and he'll play his first Major League game on Friday, April 26, for the Toronto Blue Jays.

I don't know how Taylor does it, but she does it. And we all have to accept it. She's the greatest pop singer of her generation and, now, potentially, the greatest baseball reporter of her generation. Tweet about that, Jon Heyman.

What do you think? Did Taylor Swift predict the day that baseball's No. 1 prospect would be called up the Majors? I know the truth, but please, let me know your opinion below.