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Vlad Guerrero Jr. added even more hype to his first at-bat with "Old Town Road" as his walk-up music

It's easy to explain why many people are interested in notable facts about the world on the day of their births: The conditions we're born into may somehow shape the trajectory of our lives. Will the song at the top of the charts that day offer some insight into how things turned out? Even if these things carry no predictive power, they're at least interesting nuggets of information.

Well, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. should have little difficulty remembering one nugget: The song that topped the charts the day he made his Major League debut. That's because he used it as the walk-up song for his first at-bat. Yes, he used "Old Town Road:"

Between Guerrero's first at-bat and "Old Town Road" blasting over the Rogers Centre PA system, there was almost too much hype to handle in Toronto Friday evening.

And, who knows? Maybe we'll look back on Guerrero's career years from now and see some prophesy in his selection of his very first walk-up song.