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Watch Blake Wood strike out Michael Brantley with a gorgeous, knuckling splitter

Do you know why you need to pay close attention to every pitch? Because you never know when the pitcher will wind up and fire something truly glorious. Blake Wood showed off just how good his stuff can be when he faced Michael Brantley with the bases loaded in the seventh inning of the Reds' 6-2 loss on Monday.
With an 0-2 pitch, Wood unloaded with a split-finger that Brantley couldn't help but whiff on:

Just look at that break. With a quasi-knuckling action, the ball moved so much that not only did catcher Devin Mesoraco drop the ball, but the Indians broadcast crew at first thought Brantley fouled the pitch because they couldn't believe how much late movement it had.  
It had such strange spin that, if you asked Wood, he may not be able to throw that exact pitch after trying a dozen more times in a row. But that's OK -- because he did it once and it was captured on video. And now we can all enjoy it forever.