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Blue Jays send off Team Canada to the Rio Olympics and Paralympics in style on Canada Day

With Canadians celebrating Canada Day on Friday, commemerating the day when the three colonies united into the country of Canada on July 1, 1867, and  the world getting together for the Rio Olympics in just over a month, the Blue Jays were ready to party.
Before Toronto took on the Indians, both Team Canada's Olympic and Paralympic Games teams came onto the field, decked out in the special red Canada Day Blue Jays jerseys. The Blue Jays then brought out a signed banner from the entire ballclub saying "From one Canadian team to another: Good luck in Rio." 

That wasn't all for the pregame festivities, though. The Royal Canadian Dragoons (the best named miltary outfit in the world) marched across the field and an enormous Canadian flag was unfurled across the field. You can watch the full celebration here:

The Canadian pride continued on during the game. The bases were marked with Canada Day logos: 

Fans arrived in Canada jerseys: 

The Canadian baseball team was in attendance. The next great Canadian baseballer like Michael Saunders or Russell Martin was probably in attendance. 

And, perhaps most importantly (at least in the sense that you need to eat food to survive), ballpark poutine! 

Truly a great Canada Day.