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Let's rank all four of the Blue Jays' dingers from ALDS Game 2

The Rangers made it interesting with a late rally, but in the end, the Blue Jays held on for a 5-3 win in ALDS Game 2 and took a commanding 2-0 lead in the series. And, while five solid innings from J.A. Happ and a five-out save from Robert Osuna certainly helped, you don't have to look too far to figure out what propelled Toronto to victory: dingers. Specifically, lots and lots of them.

The Jays took Yu Darvish deep four times in all, accounting for all five runs. Three of them came in one inning:

And, because the only thing more American (or Canadian) than the long ball is the grand tradition of ranking things, it got us thinking: Which dinger was the very best? Before we let you decide, allow us to offer our humble opinion -- which is, of course, backed by infallible science.

4. Ezequiel Carrera, 5th inning

Carrera hit just six homers all season, and has 11 for his entire six-year career. But, hey, you know what they say: Anybody can be a slugger in October, especially when a fastball is left out over the plate.


3. Edwin Encarnacion, 5th inning

Encarnacion, on the other hand, is a bit more accustomed to leaving the yard -- he did it just a couple of days ago, in fact. Sadly, when he took Darvish out to left just a couple batters after Carrera, no parrots were involved, knocking him down a spot or two in the rankings.


2. Tulowitzki, 2nd

The only Toronto dinger that wasn't of the solo variety, Tulo got the scoring started in the second inning with a massive two-run shot to left.


And lo, all of Canada leapt for joy:


1. Pillar, 5th

This is fairly simple: When you hit a homer on a pitch at your chin, you've earned the top spot.


We've had our say, but now it's your turn -- which homer should reign supreme?