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Ryan Goins pulled off one of the sneakiest hidden-ball tricks you'll ever see

Since Major League players are so focused on even the tiniest details of every play, it's incredibly difficult to succesfully pull off the hidden-ball trick. However, if you're sneaky enough, you just might do it.
Take Ryan Goins, for instance. During the Blue Jays' 8-1 win over the Yankees on Friday, he saw the perfect opportunity for a hidden-ball trick land right in front of him, and with some expert-level sleight of hand, he made it happen. With Todd Frazier on second base and one out in the top of the third, Jacoby Ellsbury lifted a high fly ball to right field. José Bautista made a nice running catch for the out.
Since Frazier did not stray far from the bag, the play seemed over. Goins had other plans, and after a pump fake, he waited until Frazier momentarily lifted his leg off the base. It lasted a microsecond, but that's all he needed:

Blink and you'll miss it -- Frazier just barely moved off the base, and Goins capitalized.
Frazier couldn't believe it.

It's hard to blame for Frazier for arguing since there's no way he could have seen it. Goins was just that smooth, and the Blue Jays reaped the benefits. He later crushed a grand slam to give the Blue Jays a decisive seven-run lead, giving him a remarkable day on both offense and defense.

Just call that play a Goins Gotcha.