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A little Blue Jays fan was fascinated with her dad's foul ball, so she tried to throw it on the field

When you're a toddler, you have essentially no conception of how rare it is to get a foul ball. If one comes near you -- no matter the circumstance -- you're just thinking: "Oh, look! A ball! I want to play with it!"
That's all a little Blue Jays fan wanted to do when Rays outfielder Tommy Pham threw a foul ball to her dad at the end of the seventh inning on Friday night.

That kind of pure, unbridled desire to play with a ball is something that can really only be found in little kids. She just wanted the baseball! What's so wrong about that?
Well, her dad had a sneaking suspicion that she might want to do more than just hold the ball -- she was eyeing the field with the sphere in hand:

After watching all the Blue Jays and Rays play catch to warm up between innings, she probably though that she could give it a try, too. If Kevin Kiermaier can throw a baseball around with Pham, then why not her?
At least her dad managed to avoid losing the ball, unlike what happened on Sep. 15, 2009, to the poor Phillies fan whose daughter also got a little overeager.