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The Blue Jays pulled off a mid-game trade, acquiring food from a fan in exchange for a bat

The mid-game trade. It's rare, but it's exciting. 
Unless you're Jose Canseco, who found himself dealt by the A's to the Rangers right before an at-bat in the middle of a game in 1992, it's not something you expect to see. But the Blue Jays managed to pull one off during Tuesday's 1-0 exhibition win over the Cardinals at Olympic Stadium, and we have to give them credit for the creativity.
Kevin Pillar and two teammates were in deep negotiations with a fan in a Pillar jersey sitting right behind the dugout. You see, he wanted a bat for his son -- and they wanted some food. After some back-and-forth, a deal was struck:

We'll assume this is one of those trades that leave both sides satisfied.