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In the battle of Russell Martin versus the netting, Russell Martin won ... barely

For eons, we thought there were only five types of conflict. Russell Martin just proved that theory wrong during Tuesday's Spring Training game against the Phillies. Because in addition to Man vs. Self and Man vs. Nature, we now have the most dastardly of all: Man vs. Netting. 
When Odúbel Herrera hit a popup behind home plate, Martin raced backward and made the grab, but something was laying in wait: a net. That dastardly creature hooked on the catcher's gear and dragged him down. When he tried to escape its dastardly grasp, it pulled him down again -- adding insult to injury by bopping him on the head as he went to stand up. 

It was basically this:

"Sometimes you have to deal with a little bit of adversity, I guess," Blue Jays pitcher Marco Estrada said after the game. "That screen is out there and they're everywhere during Spring Training because coaches want to get a good look at everybody. It was a great play. I didn't think he had a shot at it, especially with the screen being there but it was awesome."
While the netting was then dragged away to avoid further catcher complications, everyone knows that the beast is hiding somewhere in the dark ... just waiting for the sequel.