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NASCAR driver Brandon Jones races in a Rangers racing suit and Rangers-wrapped car

Baseball fans often show off their fandom by getting personalized jerseys and shirseys. NASCAR driver Brandon Jones took it another step further when he showed up to the Texas Motor Speedway for the O'Reilly Auto Parts 300 on Friday night in his own Rangers-themed racing suit. 

The rookie racer also got to fly around the bases -- er, track -- in a Rangers-wrapped car. I know plenty of Rangers fans that would like to have this as their everyday vehicle, though they'd probably add some Ivan Rodriguez-themed dice in the mirror.

And while I don't know anything about racing, I do know that a) a baseball-sponsored car is awesome and b) this is terrifying. If I was a pit crew worker, I'd spend most of my time cowering in fear.

The Rangers wrap seemed to work well. While the 19-year-old rookie didn't win the race, he still finished ninth out of 40.