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Brandon McCarthy has some concerns about Clayton Kershaw's offseason workout routine

On Thursday morning, Clayton Kershaw posted this photo of himself working out with his 1-year-old daughter during the offseason:

Yes, it's an adorable tweet. But, you'll notice in that photo:
A) Kershaw has a sweet framed Roy Halladay jersey.
B) He's holding his daughter in his left arm while exercising his right with a resistance band. No big deal, right? Well, Kershaw's teammate and fellow Dodgers starter Brandon McCarthy, also noticed. And he voiced some concerns:

It's a legitimate worry. If Kershaw spent all winter simply working out his right arm and neglecting his left, he might not come back in 2016 throwing his mid-90s fastball, and he'd probably come up shy of matching his 301 strikeouts from the year before. He might also look something like this on the mound:

Which would not be the best look.