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Brandon Phillips makes insane behind-the-back flip to first, dabs on everyone

For 15 years now, Brandon Phillips has been the human embodiment of cool -- hatwear pioneer, grand arbiter of swag, expert dancer. Even the way he plays second base is cool, as if he used the glove as casually as the average person chews gum.
Exhibit No. 12,353: Saturday's Reds-Pirates game, when John Jaso hit a soft ground ball to the right side. It looked like it might end up an infield single, until Dat Dude came out of nowhere:

As it turns out, on-the-run behind-the-back flips to first are enough to impress even the most chill among us. And so, looking upon his works, Phillips celebrated in the only appropriate way: the dab.

"The circus play with Brandon making that behind the back flip, you know we've come to see that with some regularity," manager Bryan Pryce told's George Von Benko.
According to Phillips, he actually plans for this stuff.
"I just work on plays that just might happen in a game, you never know when it might come up," he said. "I feel like if I practice on something it just happened in the game like it did today.As long as you make the play that's all that matters, even though I did look good making that play."
May we all live just one day with as much chill as Brandon Phillips goes through life.