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Here's everything you need to see from Sunday's Marlins-Braves game at Fort Bragg

Sunday night on ESPN, the Marlins and Braves made history: On the eve of America's birthday, the teams closed out their four-game set with a one-game showdown at Fort Bragg, the first regular-season game played on an active military base in the history of major professional sports. The spanking-new stadium was ready:

The players were ready:

The fans were ready:

The troops were born ready:

Even the 82nd Airborne Division were ready:

(Their band's not too shabby, either):

Jose Fernandez had a great view of the flyover: 

But the 82nd Airborne had a slightly better one:

There were some special bases and uniforms for the occasion, of course:

While Giancarlo Stanton decided he needed a little more America in his outfit:

For an occasion this big, you just knew some baseball dignitaries would be in the house:

All that was left was to play ball. And after a jaw-dropping National Anthem ...


... Sgt. First Class Corey Calkins did the first pitch honors:


Cardinals pitcher Mitch Harris had a bird's-eye view of the scene, and you need to see it to believe it:


Wow.... Never had chills like this at any game... ever. #USA

A video posted by Mitch Harris (@mitch_harris2) on


Even Braves mascot Homer was pumped up:

And Staff Sgt. Adam Keith was on hand to keep Braves fans up-to-the-minute with all the action from the game:

His favorite Brave? Julio Franco, of course:

Meanwhile, a couple members of the 82nd came ready to play themselves:

And one lucky fan even got herself a souvenir:

Actually, make that two lucky fans:

Along with flyovers and first pitches, the members of the 82nd Airborne Division also have pretty good singing voices:

And that'll do it: