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A Braves fan tweeted out he would get a pink mohawk if Ronald Acuna Jr. hit a leadoff homer and, well ...

Ronald Acuña Jr. has hit a leadoff homer in his last three games -- the third took place in the bottom of the first against the Marlins on Tuesday night. He's also homered in five straight, which means he is the youngest player (20) in the history of MLB to do so. So, while you let all of that information sink in, there's a Braves fan who, thanks to Acuna's streak, will be sporting a new hairstyle.
Prior to the first pitch, "Braves GM Brandon" tweeted he would get a pink Mohawk if Acuna leads the game off with a homer:

Brandon followed it up with some apprehensive words:

Let's hope he keeps his word. 
If he does sport the pink hairdo, it'll all be because of this:

And don't think we didn't see that bat flip, Acuna. We saw it, and we loved it.