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The Braves are the reigning Citizens Bank Park cheesesteak-eating champions

Finely aged medium-rare steaks may be nice, but cheesesteaks -- those deliriously greasy hoagies stuffed with shaved steak, onions and covered in cheese -- are divine. The Atlanta Braves know this well. After all, they've been the reigning Major League cheesesteak champions from 2014 to 2016 as they have consumed a total of 1,270 sandwiches while in Philadelphia over that time period. Second most are the Mets with a scant 913. (Of course, it shouldn't be a surprise that the top performing teams are in the NL East since they travel to Philly most often.) 
You see, when teams visit the Phillies, the players naturally want to try out the local fare. Knowing this, the Phillies keep track of how many cheesesteaks the opposition eats. It's a fun thing to keep track of -- and pretty smart, too. After all, how well can an athlete perform after consuming the foodstuff? (Unless the sandwiches are secretly like Popeye's spinach ...)
While the numbers aren't in yet for 2017's champions, the Braves look set to win for a fourth-straight year, thanks largely to Nick Markakis.  
Even if Nick Markakis is the "team MVP" as Fox Sports Southeast's Kelsie Wingert reported, he'll need to step up his game if he wants to win the record for most cheesesteaks consumed in a four-game stretch. Brewers bullpen catcher Marcus Hanel set the Citizens Bank Park record when he knocked back 23. 
Watch the video at the top of the post for more cheesy goodness and just try not to get hungry.