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Mike Foltynewicz threw a slider so nasty it caused his glove to fly off his hand

As far back as his days in the Astros' Minor League system, Mike Foltynewicz has had a reputation for throwing hard. To be clear, that reputation was for throwing baseballs hard. It usually isn't necessary to clarify that, but in the third inning of the Braves' 8-4 win over the Marlins, Foltynewicz's glove went flying into the air:

Inertia is indeed a powerful force and Foltynewicz's glove proved to not be exempt from its laws. This happened on a slider. Imagine how far the glove may have gone had Foltynewicz thrown a fastball. Players in the Marlins' dugout may have had to take cover.
If he keeps throwing that hard, flying gloves may become a regularly-occurring phenomenon.