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Let's all watch Braves righty Chris Withrow struggle valiantly against the Citi Field bullpen door

The rules of baseball stipulate that teams are allowed to bring new pitchers into the game whenever they see fit -- managers simply make the call to the bullpen, where relievers are ready and waiting. So when the Braves called on righty Chris Withrow during their 5-1 win over the Mets on Friday night, he naturally assumed that this was his cue to head out onto the mound ... only to soon discover that the bullpen at Citi Field was less a place for pitchers to warm up and more a prison from which he could not escape:

Luckily, much like that jar of salsa you've been battling for an hour, all it took was some serious jiggling from another member of the Atlanta 'pen -- but only because Withrow totally loosened it up for him first, whatever.