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Braves rookie John Gant has one of the strangest deliveries you'll ever see

Hitting a big league pitcher is a difficult task. There's 100-mph fastballs, knee-buckling curveballs and 57-mph eephus pitches.
But what if before you even saw the baseball coming toward you, you had to deal with a delivery that either looked like a bizarre dance or like somebody was trying to get gum off the bottom of their shoe?
Introducing Braves' recently-recalled prospect  John Gant:

Nope, nope, yes.

And from the front:

The reliever made his Major League debut in the ninth inning of Atlanta's 3-1 loss to the Nationals on Wednesday night -- striking out one and giving up zero runs.'s Mark Bowman spoke to the Savannah native after the game about his interesting technique (which, of course, he only does when there are no runners on):
"I just started doing it one day. I don't know where it came from. A catcher on one of my teams in the Minor Leagues imitated me and I said, I don't really do that, do I? He said, 'Yeah, that's how you really pitch.' I guess it has grown a little bit since then and it feels right. So, I do it."
Here's some video proof from the Minors, where he compiled 10 wins and a 3.08 ERA in 140 innings last year.

Let's hope he never, ever stops.