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Breaking down Little Leaguers' favorite MLB players in graphs

From opposite-field car-denting homers, to non-trade-related #HugWatch, there's a lot to love about the Little League World Series. And after visiting Williamsport for the first time last weekend, we can confirm that the LLWS is worth your time. One of the cooler and more memorable things about the LLWS is seeing the Little Leaguers share their favorite MLB players.
We've already chatted with the Brandon Belt fans, the Lonnie Chisenhall enthusiasts and the Tim Tebow lovers. But we thought it'd be cool to take a look at every single favorite player mentioned by the Little Leaguers and break those responses down with some graphs and fun facts.
The Most Popular Players In Baseball 
These are the 12 players who recieved more than 5 responses. Aaron Judge's breakout rookie campaign makes him an obvious favorite, but seeing retired players Derek Jeter and David Ortiz getting some love from the youths is pretty cool too. 
Breakdown By Position
The popularity of outfielders might have something to do with the aforementioned Judge breakout, as well as the perennial love for Bryce Harper and Mike Trout. And after getting some snow cones from Cardinals outfielder Tommy Pham, we can only imagine these numbers will go up 
Breakdown By Team
Thirty-one Little Leaguers chose a Yankee as their favorite player. Not represented on this chart? The two LLWS players who chose Nolan Ryan.