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Brent Suter saved the Brewers' day with a diving double play, a dinger and much-needed relief

The Brewers were in a bind on Tuesday night against the Indians. Starter Wade Miley only lasted one out before departing due to an oblique injury and Craig Counsell was forced to turn to the bullpen far earlier than expected.
Brent Suter came to the rescue. After finishing the first without a problem, he was able to use his glove to snuff out a jam in the top of the second. Back-to-back singles by the Indians with one out had put runners on first and second for pitcher Corey Kluber, who was aiming to bunt them over.
Kluber's bunt popped up just slightly enough for Suter to bolt off the mound, go into a dive ...

... and turn a tremendous double play on a throw from the ground.
Suter talked to's Adam McCalvy about the gem postgame:
"First pitch, I saw the ball kind of lining towards the ground, I was able to get my glove under it. I turned back. I heard Manny say 'Two,' I turned back, the guy was almost to third, so I kind of threw it from my sitting-down position, then ran off the field really quick after that (laughs), I don't know if you saw that. It's just a crazy night, never forget it."
Superlative defense wasn't the only surprise that Suter had in store. He had to cover Miley's spot in the Brewers' lineup, too. No one really expected much from him at the plate since he was 4-for-28 with no extra-base hits in his career and also had to face Kluber, the American League's defending Cy Young Award winner.
Suter shrugged off the skepticism and instead took Kluber 433 feet to center: 

That's making a statement. Was he prepared to face Kluber?
"Ah, not much. I see him pitch on TV all the time because he's kind of must-see TV, he's really one of the best pitchers in the game so went up there, saw the ball up a little bit, kind of put the bat on the ball. After that it was just Cloud Nine, like Angels in the Outfield (mimics high-pitch scream). It was fun. But man it was a good time."
And on the 433-foot distance:
"I did not know that. Guys kept on coming up, 'Man do you know how far you hit that?' I said like 'Really? That's awesome!' I just had one of those awesome baseball moments that you'll never forget I guess."
Suter departed after the fifth having struck out five and allowed two runs over 4 2/3 innings of quality emergency relief. The Brewers beat the Indians, 3-2, and Suter got a well-deserved win for his efforts.
"It's a crazy night," Suter said. "But at the same time that's what I'm there for. I'm there as that long guy in the bullpen to do, pick up the team when the starter goes down early. I was prepared, I was mentally locked in. As soon as Wade showed those signs of discomfort, I started locking it in really quick. With the home run and stuff, who knows? That's just one of those moments that's only baseball -- only baseball can produce those types of things."