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Despite now being on different teams, Salvy Perez found time to interrupt BFF Lorenzo Cain's press conference

Salvador Perez and Lorenzo Cain are the closest of friends. And despite Cain making his way to Milwaukee in the offseason, the two still share a close bond. As a matter of fact, during Royals FanFest in January, Salvy called Cain on the phone during an on-stage Q&A session. Kansas City fans truly missed him, and vice versa:

And on Tuesday, prior to the Brewers-Royals game, the two were reunited. And once again, it was the definition of friendship goals.

Just in time for Salvy to be reinstated from the disabled list.
"We miss Lorenzo," Perez said to's Jeffrey Flanagan. "We miss Hoz. Happy, but sad when we see him. It's part of the business, but it's fun to see him again."
It's great seeing them getting along despite Cain hoping he can get a steal off of his BFF during the series. And what does Salvy plan on doing when Lorenzo leads off the game? Well, he wants to grab his phone "and take a video."
Brotherly love is a beautiful thing.