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Salvador Perez got hit by Carlos Carrasco's pitch and jokingly charged the mound

Salvador Perez always seems to be having a good time. Whether he's calling former teammateLorenzo Cain in front of a crowd at FanFest, or in this case -- getting hit by a pitch.
Sure, that last part may not sound like the definition of fun, but during Wednesday's Royals-Indians game, the catcher inserted some humor into the scenario. 
In the top of the second, on the first pitch of Salvy's at-bat, Carlos Carrasco threw a high and tight pitch. It hit Perez and before he trotted to first base smiling, he had a little fun with Cookie by pretending to charge the mound:

As you can see, despite the situation, there were smiles everywhere. 

How can you not smile around those two?