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Brett Gardner channeled Paul O'Neill in the Yankees dugout after a strikeout

The Yankees and Blue Jays played a fierce contest on Wednesday night, with the Yankees rallying from an early 4-0 deficit to win, 8-6. The showdown between the division rivals had more than its share of tight moments, though they led to some amusing results.
With the Yankees trailing, 6-5, Brett Gardner led off the sixth inning, hoping to spark a rally. Instead, he was called out on strikes, and he took out his frustrations on a recycling bin in the home dugout.

Mother Nature would probably be disappointed in the destruction of the eco-friendly basket. Gardner was somewhat remorseful in a postgame interview with's Bryan Hoch. "I was a little frustrated. Just took it out on the recycling bin," he said. "They'll probably fine me 15 or 20 bucks on the next homestand."
Gardner was more disappointed that the bat itself broke during the carnage, as it had been a hot one for him lately. As for the bin itself? "Do I recycle at home? I try to, the best I can," he said. "Maybe I'll take that trash can home with me."
Maybe there will be a happy ending for the basket after all.
At least Joe Girardi and Gardner's teammates knew to keep a little bit of distance from the scene.

Matt Holliday cast a knowing look, too. It's not uncommon for players to get that frustrated in the heat of battle, and it's certainly nothing new for Yankees fans.
During their most recent dynasty, another lefty-swinging All-Star outfielder made himself a Yankees fan favorite through the combination of his strong play and his intensity. Yes, Paul O'Neill also had the tendency to do some dugout damage during his heyday.

Fortunately for Gardner, the end of the game worked out in the Yankees' favor, as it so often did for O'Neill's teams, too. And hey, perhaps all the cuts in that style helped Gardner improve his golf swing! It's a win/win/win.