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May we all find moments of joy as vivid as this Yankees fan after Brett Gardner tossed him a ball

Some of the best moments in a baseball game don't even happen on the field. The concept of the "extremely excited fan" can play out in many ways at the ballpark, though few possess the raw emotion of actually interacting with one of your favorite players.
That can lead to happy tears in the right context, or, as in the case of a young Yankees fan thrown a baseball by Brett Gardner while seated down the left-field line in Sunday's 7-4 loss to the Orioles, overwhelming excitement that can best be expressed with a look of amazement and wonder. As if to ask, "Is this real life?" 

Yes, young man, this is real life: 

The lucky recipient of Gardner's gift is Judah Klingsberg, at the game with his good friend and fellow Yankees fan Zander Lustig -- here they are modeling Klingsberg's special souvenir (photo taken by Real-Time Correspondent Randall Whitney):

This isn't the first time Gardner's made a fan in the stands happy, as he has a knack for doing that once in a while. Good Guy Brett, they call him (or they should, if they don't already).