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Perfect son Brett Gardner tossed a foul ball to his dad in the stands at Yankee Stadium

The bar has been raised for Father's Day 2017, and it won't even come around until next June. 
You can all thank Brett Gardner for that, as the outfielder did just about the most perfect thing he could do for his dad during the Yankees' 2-0 loss to the Dodgers in the Bronx on Wednesday.
Fielding a foul ball in the sixth inning, Gardner picked it up and tossed it in the general direction of his father in the stands along the left-field line. And of course Jerry Gardner (sporting a Yankees cap, naturally) wound up with the baseball (as pointed out in the clip atop this post) because who would deny this magical father-son moment from going full circle? 

After all, that game went through two rain delays and some treacherous-looking clouds overhead. Playing catch with your son at the yard in these conditions is probably something with which the elder Gardner is supremely familiar, what with all those years of Little League Brett went through as a kid, so (basically) doing it again is icing on the cake. 
And we actually have to hand it to Gardner for picking his dad out in the stands as the target of his ball toss, as he very reasonably could have opted to throw it to this fan instead: