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Trevor Williams and his family reacting to his first MLB win will make you feel feelings

Once the calendar turns to September, that means one thing around the league: Time for an influx of young talent. Rosters expand, allowing clubs to call up top prospects from the Minor Leagues in hopes of stretching out the pitching staff in the final weeks of the regular season and/or giving everyday players some much-needed days off.
For Pirates right-hander Trevor Williams, he found himself in this situation after the Bucs called him up on Tuesday. He was thrilled with the news:

A day later, Williams came into Wednesday's 4-3 win over the Cardinals in relief of Jameson Taillon, and threw three innings and picked up his first career victory ... and after it was over, he and his family had just about the most perfect on-field moment ever:

That's quite a scene, isn't it? His wife Jackie, 11-month-old son Isaac, and father, Richard, beaming with pride as Williams, a 24-year-old selected by the Marlins in the 2012 MLB Draft before making his way over to the Pirates organization, soaks in the emotion of a stellar MLB debut. 
One of the key moments in Williams' three innings of work was his first strikeout, a sixth-inning whiff of Jhonny Peralta that was the first half of an inning-ending double play -- but, the ball was tossed into the stands before being recovered by the Bucs: 

Speaking with's Adam Berry after the game, Williams recalled the panic as his strikeout ball was initially given to a fan: 
"I got into the dugout, and everyone was yelling. I thought someone was coming onto the field or something, because they were yelling loud. I'm glad we got that back."
As for the rest of his exhilarating day and that undeniably tear-jerking scene after the game:
"You dream about it your entire life, and you picture it happening. It's one of those things where you let the emotions take control of you. There's no one else I would rather share that moment with than my dad. He's been there since the very beginning. He took me to Padres games when I was very young. When I called him the other day, I didn't think I was going to share a moment with him better than that. But I did. Seeing my wife there as well -- my uncle was here, one of my brothers -- then seeing my sleeping baby not knowing what's going on, it's one of those moments that truly I'll never forget. I'm just glad I could help."
As for his exchange with his father:
"He's proud of me. We shared some tears together. We shared a good hug. Just that he's so proud of me. It was a great moment."
Naturally, he had plans for the game ball he received when it was all over:
"Hold onto it until the offseason. I give all my first-win balls from high school, college and pro ball to my dad. He's got my first-win ball now. With all those, I'll cherish them for a long time."
It was a great moment indeed, and a welcomed look at just what it's like sometimes for young players who finally get that call and make the absolute most of it. 
Oh and by the way, speaking of young Isaac, you might want to give his dad Trevor a follow on Twitter, as he's got a good thing going there as well ... 

Here's a key takeaway from this story: Don't let anybody tell you there's no crying in baseball because there absolutely, definitively is. Especially in moments like this.