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The Brewers' latest Spring Training video stars Yasmani Grandal in a 'Mean Girls' parody

The Brewers have turned movie spoofs into an art the past couple years. In 2018, they made their own version of one of the most famous scenes in "The Sandlot." It wasn't too surprising, as teams have parodied it before -- it's a baseball movie, after all.

So for 2019, the Brewers branched out to new territory. It was time to pivot to "Mean Girls."

Somehow, it's been 15 years since the comedy was released that launched "fetch," color-themed days and an endless stream of other references into the pop culture stratosphere. So why not have Yasmani Grandal and Brent Suter do their best impressions of Cady Heron and Regina George?

In the video, Craig Counsell (the "cool" manager) gives the newcomer Grandal a map to Spring Training that points out where each of the team cliques sit:

Grandal must decide whether he'll join the Hollywood Wannabes, the MVPs, the Big Teddy Bears, the Card Players, the Online Gamers, the Muscleheads, the Dugout Band Geeks or the Prospects. Suter ropes him into sitting at the Plastics-esque Hollywood Wannabes' table -- much to the MVPs' chagrin.

Sorry, Ryan Braun and Christian Yelich. Better luck with the next newbie.