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Watch the Brewers reenact their favorite scene from 'The Sandlot'

(Chesterton, Eric)

It has been nearly 25 years since "The Sandlot" came out on April 7, 1993. Almost instantly, the film was regarded as one of the greatest baseball movies of all time because of its unique combination of kids playing baseball together at a local park while mixing in some of the sport's history. Add in the comedy of the characters navigating difficulties entirely of their own making and you have not only a fantastic baseball movie, but a fantastic movie.
In celebration of The Sandlot's 25th anniversary, the Brewers decided to reenact their favorite scene. The casting -- especially Eric Sogard as Squints -- was impeccably done and the costume design crew should start preparing their acceptance speech for an Academy Award. But, what really ties the scene together is The Beast:

Will our heroes ever get their ball back from such a formidable beast? Will they ever be able to play baseball again? Hopefully the Brewers will reenact other scenes in the coming weeks so we can find out.