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Mike Fiers put together a 'Sandlot' group costume, but Dallas Keuchel noticed something … off

Among baseball films, "The Sandlot" is revered by many for its charming characters, quotable moments and classic coming-of-age-film-that-also-features-a-scary-dog-and-James-Earl-Jones plot device. 
Its list of admirers apparently includes Astros right-hander Mike Fiers, who shared a photo on Twitter depicting himself and some friends -- among them J.D. Martinez -- recreating the iconic shot of the kids from the movie: 

The most attentive of eyes might notice a few wardrobe discrepancies in the image above, among them the absence of a few key clothing items (including Squints' striped shirt), but it's a mostly faithful adaptation. 
Enter Fiers' teammate Dallas Keuchel, whose eagle eye spotted one potentially egregious slip-up that he playfully pointed out to Fiers:

Kudos to Fiers, though, for not replying back with the somewhat obvious, "You're killing me, Smalls!"

With an eye for detail like that, Keuchel might want to consider becoming a Hollywood script supervisor after his playing days are through ...