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Phil Hughes and his teammates are livetweeting 'The Bachelor' at #PhilsBachelorParty

Some possible ways you might expect a professional baseball player to spend his Monday night:

1. A friendly game of Uno

2. Buying a champion pig

3. Not skipping leg day

But the Twins are not comprised of ordinary professional baseball players. Phil Hughes, Brian Dozier and company have a slightly different to-do list:

1. Live-tweet "The Bachelor"

2. Live-tweet "The Bachelor"

3-1,000. Live-tweet "The Bachelor"

In addition to Hughes and Dozier, Trevor Plouffe, Glen Perkins and even newest Twin Byung Ho Park were in attendance -- to gain a deeper understanding of American culture, and also to snuggle with an adorable dog:

But this was no casual hangout. When a group of grown men get together to watch "The Bachelor," they get together to watch "The Bachelor." And that can only mean two things: Emojis ...

... and a hashtag commemorating the night:

Let's see Wrigley Field top that