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May the Nationals' beer-soaked, twerking karaoke bash carry you to the weekend

The Nationals have not had a perfect season by any stretch. It started out a bit bumpy after Bryce Harper -- their superstar and franchise cornerstone -- signed with a division rival over the winter. It got worse when he returned in the first week and authored the greatest revenge performance in the history of revenge performances.

But things have changed since those dark days of April. On Tuesday, they clinched a postseason spot mere hours after they snuffed out whatever postseason hopes Harper's Phillies may have been hanging onto. So you better believe they celebrated.

And celebrate they did. They were led in those efforts by veteran second baseman Brian Dozier, who jumped on baseball's growing trend of shirtlessness to provide the most epic clubhouse karaoke performance of "Calma" by Pedro Capó we'll likely ever witness:

May we all have occasion to celebrate as hard as the Nationals and the friends to support us as perfectly as Dozier's teammates supported him.

While Dozier stole the show, he wasn't the only one that showed out for the festivities. Ace pitcher Max Scherzer showed that in addition to being a fiery competitor on the mound, he's a bit of a goofball as well. It appears he had custom goggles to match his heterochromia.

With their clubhouse celebrations, the Nationals have cemented their status as a true team of joy. While that may not be the most traditionally intimidating way to enter the postseason, it's no doubt the most fun. And, if we're all being honest, that's really what matters most.