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Brian Dozier's mad dash ensured that the Twins remained king of the inside-the-park homer

At 59-103, the 2016 season didn't end the way the Twins wanted. But it did end with a bang: specifically, the sonic boom generated by Byron Buxton as he sprinted around the bases for an inside-the-park home run in Minnesota's final game against the White Sox. Buxton went home-to-home in just 14.05 seconds, the fastest time of the year:

More than six months later, the Twins once again found themselves facing the White Sox on Sunday ... and, again, they came up with an inside-the-park home run. This time it was courtesy of Brian Dozier, and while he couldn't match Buxton's blazing time -- he's not The Flash, after all -- he did ensure that Minnesota owned the final inside-the-park homer of 2016 and the very first of 2017:

Although, according to Dozier, the Easter holiday nearly threw a wrench into the works. As he told's Rhett Bollinger:
"When I saw it kick off to the right, I decided to get to a second gear. I couldn't get to fifth gear, but got it to a different gear. I had an Easter brunch at Red Rabbit this morning. It was a four-course meal. That's probably why I was a little slow."
The Twins eventually lost in extra innings, 3-1. Now, if they could get to work on the first extremely lit batboy dance routine of 2017, that would be great.