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A beardless Brian Wilson got into some car-related shenanigans on an episode of 'The Grand Tour'

Remember Brian Wilson? Of course you remember Brian Wilson. How could you not? 


You might be wondering what he's up to these days ... but you'd probably be wrong if you ventured a guess. Unless, though, that guess was that he would show up in an episode of the Amazon series "The Grand Tour." 

The show, an offshoot of the long-running Top Gear, recently aired an episode in which Wilson -- who's shaved off his iconic beard, a look that still takes some getting used to -- pops up as one of the celebrities, alongside South African cricket hero Kevin Pietersen: 


In the episode, Wilson and Pietersen duke it out on the race track, but Wilson comes up just a bit short in the competition. Wilson also hams it up with one of the show's leads, Jeremy Clarkson, telling some stories from his younger days. 

You may recall Wilson was attempting a comeback as a knuckleballer last year, but that plan hasn't come to fruition yet.

But the next time somebody asks you what he's up to these days, you now have an answer. You're welcome!