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Trying to score, Brock Holt wound up playing (and losing) a game of home-plate tag with Yan Gomes

Thinking in the moment is one of the keys to baseball. How you adapt to a developing play and adjust accordingly can sometimes be the difference between out and safe. And at home plate, creative moves to avoid the tag can work (as Ryan Zimmerman showed us) or not work (but look fantastic, a la Andrew McCutchen). 
Other times, you're just plain out of luck, running into an out that you can't really do anything to prevent. That's what happened to Brock Holt in the bottom of the second inning of Tuesday's Indians-Red Sox game: Eduardo Nunez crushed one off the Green Monster to score Mookie Betts as the game's tying run, and Holt charged toward the plate looking to put Boston on top.
It wasn't meant to be, thanks to a strong relay throw home and Yan Gomes' ability to adapt to Holt's ... um ... game of tag at the plate:

Really, though, this play is a credit to both players involved -- Holt for the effort, and Gomes for noticing what was going on and putting a stop to it.