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Brock Holt showed off a strange ritual with sunflower seeds

Ballplayers love their bubblegum and sunflower seeds. Keon Broxton loves bubblegum too much, and when it comes to seeds, you can always count on teammates tossing a few at the guy doing a mid-game interview.
When the A's defeated the Red Sox, 7-3, on Wednesday night, Brock Holt showed us a unique way to appreciate sunflower seeds.

At first glance, it looks like he's simply messing around on the dugout fence, but a different angle shows Holt lining up the seeds in a perfect row, then flicking them off one by one onto the field. The commentators claim it could be a superstition of some sort, which could be the case. Whatever works for him ... it just wasn't quite successful for his team on the field.