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Gerardo Parra couldn't reach a foul ball, so he settled for a fan's sunflower seeds

It's always nice to share your food at the ballpark, especially when the players are involved. Don Mattingly proved this most famously in 1992 with a young fan's popcorn, and the Brewers' Orlando Arcia did the same with some ice cream back in July.
So, with his Rockies already far ahead in the sixth inning en route to a 17-2 win on Wednesday over the Braves, Gerardo Parra decided to take a page from Mattingly's book. After all, he was in the middle of a terrific 3-for-4 game and played a pivotal role in scoring several runs. That's worthy of a reward.
Freddie Freeman lifted a foul ball into the stands that Parra and Nolan Arenado could not reach. Since Parra was already near the stands, though, he decided to treat himself to some sunflower seeds.

It's only fair, anyway -- Parra has shared his own food with fans in the past.
And hey, this group didn't seem to mind it too much! After a night as successful as Parra's, we wouldn't be bothered by it, either.