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Brock Holt's incredibly adorable son will brighten your day

Thanks to his cycling heroics, clutch performances and musical stylings, Brock Holt solidified himself as a Boston fan favorite during the Red Sox's 2018 postseason run. However, Holt isn't even the most entertaining member of his own family. That title belongs to Brock's absurdly adorable young son, Griffin.

Griffin isn't even two years old yet, but he's already a huge baseball fan and could one day give his dad a run for his money as the best ballplayer in the family.

Thursday night, the elder Holt posted an amazing video on his Instagram story of little Griffin rummaging his way through the family's pantry before getting caught in the act.

The snacking didn't end there as Brock also posted a video of Griffin munching on a popsicle while the two Holts tried out some Instagram filters.

Watch out other baseball babies, Griffin and his incredible glasses might just take over the league.