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Bruce Bochy said farewell to Coors Field with an embarrassing and hilarious memory

Coors Field is something of a nightmare for opposing managers, with its prevalence of box score-busting slugfests and games that make even the most efficient bullpens look like a pack of inexperienced rookies. It's also a place that Giants manager Bruce Bochy won't have to bother with once he hangs up his cleats for good following this season.

His farewell tour brought his Giants to Denver one last time this weekend, which meant it was time for "Boch" to recall some of his fondest -- and most embarrassing -- moments from the ballpark he's visited for decades as manager with the Giants and Padres.

Speaking to the media in his dugout session this weekend, Bochy offered up the following when asked about his most memorable moments at Coors:

"It's hard to say one that stands out. It's funny that the tough ones stand out a little bit more than the good ones. I've seen a few walk-off homers here, but I won't talk about that because I want to stay in a good mood right now.

"Probably my most embarrassing moment here was when Bip Roberts was safe at home and they called him out. I ran out to argue and tripped and faceplanted right in the dirt. The next day, Larry Walker had a chalk outline in that spot."

It did indeed happen as he remembers it (on May 2, 1995), and it was pretty amusing:

I've got to hand it to Bochy for remembering details of this sequence so vividly. This is a moment from a game that took place 24 years ago and featured some players that might give you nostalgic memories of the '90s:

Steve Finley (he hit the single)

Andy Ashby (he scored on the single)

Bip Roberts (his getting called out at the plate prompted Bochy's rush-and-tumble out of the dugout)

Props to Bochy for having this kind of photographic memory, and allowing this moment from an otherwise ordinary NL West showdown in early May to now be the stuff of history.