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Bruce Bochy sat on the Iron Throne for his postgame press conference

The Giants came back to win their game on Wednesday afternoon against the Indians, 5-4, and manager Bruce Bochy had a surprise for the reporters during the subsequent press conference. Instead of his normal seat, Bochy had the Iron Throne itself:

Just call him "Bruce of House Bochy, the First of His Name, King of the Giants, Lord of the Bay Area and Protector of the Realm."
Much to Hunter Pence's delight, the Giants are hosting a Game of Thrones night on Thursday, so the team brought in the show's throne in anticipation of the event. "It's gonna be a fun night tomorrow with Game of Thrones," said Bochy to's Jonathan Hawthorne. "We haven't had a lot of special moments, but you have to savor them, so we're having a little fun with this chair here."
Bochy looked good addressing his subjects, too:

Photo via Austin Ginn / Real-Time Correspondent

Thanks to a tip from Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper, Bochy is a show-watcher himself, so he knew the throne's unfortunate implications. "The only thing about sitting in this chair, the kings that sit in this chair, they get killed off," he joked.
Bochy doesn't have anything to worry about, though -- he's no Joffrey, after all.