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Bryce Harper cuts up batting gloves after hitting third-deck home run without them

It looks as if Bryce Harper might stick to the "no batting gloves" method of hitting.
In the sixth inning of the Nats' 2-1 win over the Cardinals on Thursday, Harper tied the score at 1-1 with an absolute moonshot home run that landed in the third deck at Nationals Park. 
It was truly a titanic blast:

On his way back to the dugout, Harper pulled off an epic hair-flip that looks even better in slo-mo:

As for his post-homer celebration, that's when things got ... interesting. Harper was spotted taking a pair of scissors to his batting gloves.

The fact that he didn't wear them during the at-bat in which he peppered the upper deck with a baseball leads us to believe he is henceforth eschewing the use of batting gloves altogether.
He certainly didn't need them for this latest achievement on his ever-growing list of ridiculous accomplishments on the field, so … maybe? 
For what it's worth, Harper provided some insight when speaking with's Jamal Collier after the game ... 
"Nah, it's just so people don't sell them on eBay to tell you the truth. I always cut the batting gloves up and they're ripped on the top of the hand and had the bat boy come in and give me another pair and put them on and ripped them again. I guess the baseball gods don't want me to wear the batting gloves right now. I went up and hit a homer and came back and cut 'em up just so guys don't come out of the trash can and grab 'em and sell 'em. It's happened before, so cut 'em up now."