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Bryce Harper showed Red Sox fans that he's from Philly and boos are his fuel

When Bryce Harper committed to spending 13 seasons in Philadelphia over the offseason, he sent a message that he was fine getting booed. He obviously did his research and knew what he was getting into.

What the ensuing months have revealed, however, is that Bryce is more than just fine with the boos. He likes the boos. He wants the boos. He needs the boos. He eats that stuff for breakfast.

Harper gets booed at home because Philadelphia can be like that sometimes. But, it's on the road where fans really let him have it. On Wednesday night, the Phillies were in Boston, and Red Sox fans laid it on thick each time he stepped to the plate -- you could tell that it was Harper's turn at-bat without even having to look.

Harper's response: A home run over the Green Monster. When will these fans learn?

According to Phillies manager Gabe Kapler, the team's superstar had some hecklers as well. "There were some hecklers," Kapler said. "I don't know if they were Red Sox [fans] or who they were, but they were on him pretty good up until that moment."

It's probably time for opposing fans to try a different tactic because this one is clearly not working very well. Maybe the silent treatment would be more effective.