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Bryce Harper is this year's 'MLB: The Show' cover star

Being a video game cover star is arguably the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a baseball player. After all, it's a reflection of both your ability and adoration from the public. And video games create heroes -- many young fans will forever remember that face staring back at them from the video-game case. 
So, for 2019, Home Run Derby-winner and hairstyle champBryce Harper will be on the cover of "MLB: The Show." But because he's a free agent, we don't have the final version yet. Instead, he's in a hoodie that resembles something you'd see at a DJ set or an alien decontamination scene. We'll have to wait to see which team will be splashed across his chest. 

One interesting thing that the video game has done in recent years is offer different cover athletes for separate markets. Last season, Marcus Stroman  appeared on the cover of the Canadian version and Aaron Judge  was on the cover of the American version. The year before, Ken Griffey Jr. was on the U.S. copy, Aaron Sanchez  on Canada's, Hyun-Soo Kim on the Korean version and Wei-Yin Chen  on Taiwan's. It will be interesting to see if that pattern continues this season. 
So, what uniform will Harper be wearing when the game comes out? Answer the poll below wit hyour thoughts: