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There was a Bryce Harper lookalike at Citi Field, as his clones keep appearing in MLB ballparks

Something's going on. At Nationals Park on May 9, a Bryce Harper doppelganger appeared behind home plate:


A week later, at Citi Field for Tuesday's Nationals-Mets game, there was another Harper lookalike:


Has someone been cloning the NL MVP? Where are all of these doubles coming from? If this trend continues, soon there will be enough Harper clones to field a team. Then, to fill out a 25-man roster. By October, there could be a Bryce Harper in every ballpark in MLB. 

This particular Harper doppelganger is Joe Lentini from New Jersey. He told that he'd been planning to dress up as Harper since he bought his tickets for Tuesday's game months ago, so he wasn't just following in the footsteps of D.C.'s Harper double. That's exactly what a member of Bryce Harper's clone army would say, but I'm inclined to believe him. 

Lentini also said he's recognized for his uncanny resemblance frequently, and he skipped his own Masters graduation ceremony to see the original Harper in person. 


He's also an identical twin: "Maybe, Bryce Harper triplets?" he said.

Yeah, at least

Photos and additional reporting by David Wright, Correspondent. (Yes, that's his real name).