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Bryce Harper hit an amazing nine HRs in 50 seconds to come back and beat Kyle Schwarber for the Derby title

Bryce Harper wanted to win badly. His Dad was there to pitch to him. The Washington D.C. fans were there to cheer him on, and Harper was even wearing a D.C. flag headband. Given his penchant for hitting massive dingers, and that he waited to return to the T-Mobile Home Run Derby until the Nationals played host to the All-Star Game, he was almost fated to take home the crown. 
With only 50 seconds to go, it looked like Harper's title wasn't to be, though. He was trailing the Cubs' Kyle Schwarber, 18-9, with the clock winding down. That's when Harper went full supernova. The slugger blasted an insane nine homers in less than a minute to tie up the score. 
This was the greatest show on earth: 

Then, with a 30-second bonus round for hitting multiple dingers topping 440 feet, Harper smashed one more to cap his remarkable comeback. He even topped Schwarber's impressive bat toss from Round 2 by going with the two-handed hurl. Seriously, this is closer to what you see in those strongman competitions where competitors lift large boulders over objects. 

Of course, it makes sense that Harper would pull off a strongman-move considering what his Dad and BP pitcher looks like. Yowza.