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Bryce Harper swung so hard on a single that his helmet flew off

Bryce Harper had an eventful day on Tuesday. First, he helped a Nationals fan reveal to her husband that she was pregnant with their first child. Then, in Harper's night game against the Mets, he notched a single, a double and two walks in a 7-4 Nationals win -- a perfect night at the plate.
Well, almost perfect. Harper reached base in all four plate appearances, but it wasn't the most graceful performance. He led off the bottom of the third with a smash to left field for a base hit. The only problem was that he put so much force into his swing that his helmet immediately fell off:

Harper's swing is so intense that it's not his first helmet loss at the plate. He'll take the trade-off of a hit every day of the week.
However, Harper's adventures on the basepaths weren't over yet. On the next pitch, Anthony Rendon lined a single into right field. Harper sped toward second base, began rounding the bag ...

... and tripped to the ground. Whoops.
At least Asdrúbal Cabrera was there to provide the slightly embarrassed superstar with a hug:

Not to worry, Bryce -- it's a perfect day in the box score, anyway.